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Why a special trip is the ultimate way to say thank you to your Mom this Mother's Day

Recently updated on August 14th, 2023 at 01:27 pm

With Mother’s Day right around the corner on May 8 in 2022, we know some of you may be scrambling to find the perfect last-minute gift. But don’t bother heading to the mall. Instead, commit to a special trip with your mom… It’s the ultimate way to say thank you to your mom this Mother’s Day! From spending quality bonding time together to making new memories and learning new things about each other, here are all the reasons why you should thank your mom this Mother’s Day by taking on her on an adventure. 

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You’ll spend quality bonding time together

The ultimate way to say thank you to your mom this Mother’s Day is to spend time with her. And what better way to spend some good quality time together than with a trip? You’ll have plenty of time to connect over long conversations, without being distracted by deadlines and obligations at home. 

With our busy lives, and the COVID-19 pandemic keeping many families apart, you may not have been able to spend much time with your mom recently. Mother’s Day 2022 is your chance to take your mom on a trip, catch up on what’s been happening in both your lives and spend real quality time together. You’ll likely grow closer and strengthen your bond and you’ll always cherish this priceless time spent together. 

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You’ll get to take care of her

Your mom spent a lot of time taking care of you while you were growing up. When you’d go on a family trip, it was probably your mom who was managing all the plans, making sure everyone had clean clothes, and handing out bandaids and snacks. Now, the ultimate way to give back and say thank you to your mom for this is to take care of her on a trip! Tell her to kick back and relax while you take care of all the flights and hotels and organise some tours or fancy dinners. She’ll love having the chance to relax while you take care of everything. 

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You’ll make memories that last a lifetime

There is nothing more valuable than the stories and memories from time spent with loved ones. Sadly, we know we won’t have our moms around forever, so while you’re both still healthy and well, thank your mom this Mother’s Day with a special trip. Wherever you explore a new city or travel overseas, you’ll share some incredible experiences you’ll treasure forever. You’ll also get some wonderful photos and funny stories that you’ll love reminiscing back on together in years to come. 

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You’ll learn new things about your mom

Think you know everything about your mom? You might be surprised! There’s nothing like travel to really bring someone out of their comfort zone and let their personality shine. You may be delighted to find that your mom is a thrill-seeker and keen to try white water rafting or skydiving in New Zealand. You may be shocked to discover your mom knows how to drive a hard bargain in the markets of Vietnam. Or you may discover her hidden talent for karaoke in the jazz bars of New Orleans. 

When you travel with your mom, she becomes more than just your mother or the person who raised you… She’ll become your friend, companion and confidante. You’ll see a new side of her as you laugh over inside jokes or share things about each other you never knew before, and it’s so special to watch your relationship blossom. 

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It’s a great way to express your gratitude

Your mom not only spent nine months carrying you, but she spent years devoting her time, energy, money and love to you as she raised you. And she’s done an amazing job! If you want to express your gratitude, the ultimate way to thank your mom this Mother’s Day is to take her on a special trip. 

It’s a meaningful way to thank her for all the sacrifices she’s made and make up for all the trips she couldn’t take while she was raising you. Instead of your mom driving you around to parties, sports, and events, now it’s your turn to take the wheel and show her an amazing travel experience as a token of your appreciation. 

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Time together is more important than any gift you can purchase

Looking for the best Mother’s Day gift ideas to thank your mom? Do yourself a favour and book a trip with your mom. It will be one of the most special experiences you’ll ever share together and it will mean so much to her. After all, moms really just want your time, because they know how fast it races by and how precious it truly is. Whether it’s a weekend break or a longer dream vacation, a trip is the ultimate way to say thank you to your mom. 

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Are you planning a Mother’s Day travel adventure this year? Where would you love to travel with your mom? Let us know in the comments below!

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