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"I'll show you how to navigate the buzzing cities of India, and go beyond to find soul-stirring temples, beautiful mountains and irresistible food."

Travel Director
India at a glance
Roam the sari lined streets, marvel at the majestic Taj Mahal, see snow-capped saffron mountains and go behind-the-scenes of the Bollywood film industry. From the royal history in Rajasthan to the bustling bazaars, your expert Trafalgar Travel Director will guide you through the colour and chaos of India.
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What to pack for India

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A few good books

The Indian rail network chuffs for 65,000 kilometres around India. A geographically large company with relatively slow transport systems, a few books can keep you entertained between admiring scenery.

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Light and modest clothing

Though India does get cooler than most expect, many parts of the year are intensely hot. Pack sheer, light clothing that covers you right to the ankles, wrists and neck so that you can respectfully visit religious sites without sweltering.

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Medication for stomach upsets

Though our India group tours will see you largely protected from unsanitary food or water, it is still handy to keep a supply of medication on hand. Charcoal tablets can be taken daily as a preventive measure to ensure any nasties are quickly expelled from your system.

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Water purification devices

The purification of water has come a long way in recent years. Make your way to a specialist travel shop to discuss bottles, gadgets and tablets that will ensure you stay hydrated without falling ill.

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Wet wipes and hand sanitiser

True to its reputation, India can be a hot and messy place. Pack wet wipes and hand sanitiser to ensure you feel fresh when you're on the go.

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