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Here, the cosmopolitan present mixes with indigenous past. Sun-scorched beaches, colossal mountains and blindingly blue waters roll into view. We can only be talking about Australia and New Zealand experiences – irresistible for nature, adventure and culture lovers alike. Ready to dig deeper here? Trafalgar’s Australia and New Zealand tours take you off-the-beaten track, reveal local secrets and enhance experiences with specialist knowledge. Here are 9 authentic experiences to start with.

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Fly over the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Spectacular. Gorgeous. Jaw-dropping. No words do justice to the Great Barrier Reef. The world’s largest coral reef system (at 133,000 square miles) can be seen from space. But a plane ride with Trafalgar gets you up close. Stare spellbound the Heart Reef section (where coral has naturally formed into a heart shape). Notice the beautiful web of colourful islands, reefs and glistening waters concealing the creatures within. This experience will leave you speechless. Question is: when’s your flight?

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Lake Manapouri Boat Ride

Lake Manapouri

Venture Fiorland National Park in New Zealand’s serene South Island. Next, you’ll hop on a jet boat ride down the Waiau River to Lake Manapouri. Enjoy close view of its 33 islands and keep an eye out for playful dolphins, penguins and seals on route. You find some of the world’s cleanest air and highest quality water here. So soak in the serene atmosphere and let your mind and body breathe. Even better, this ‘Make Travel Matter’ experiences ensures your cruise contribution goes towards the Pomona Island Charitable Trust’s conservation efforts to restore the largest inland island in New Zealand to its natural state where native birds can thrive.

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Stargazing at Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve

best Australia and New Zealand experiences

Often modern life gets noisy and polluted. In contrast, the UNESCO-listed Aoraki Mackenzie Region in New Zealand is the exact opposite. This 4300 square kilometre area is one of only 8 dark sky reserves in the world where light pollution is controlled. Mesmerising, shimmering stars extend further than the eye can see. Flashing colours. Stand and feel the brilliant power of the universe during Trafalgar experience. Listen closely as a Local Specialist reveals awesome facts by your side and points out the Southern Cross, Magellanic Cloud and Milky Way. Easily one of our favourite Australia and New Zealand experiences.

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Hot air balloon over Australian Outback

Australia and New Zealand experiences

While Australia’s vibrant coastal cities get most attention, rugged beauty is found in the Australian Outback. Covering 70% of Australia, aboriginal traditions still exist here. Jump aboard a hot air balloon for prime view of enormous deserts, idyllic woodlands, plants and flowers appearing from the dust, secret swimming holes and bouncing kangaroos. You’ll float blissfully over the magnificent MacDonnell Ranges during sunrise. During which, you’ll appreciate the vast remoteness, scenery and wildlife of the Australian outback.

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Penguin Parade at Phillip Island

Penguin Parade

A stone’s throw from Melbourne, hop over to Phillip’s island and feel your heart swell. Here you’ll watch Little Penguins make their daily trip from the sea to their onshore burrows, or waddle home blissfully at night. The world’s colony of Little Penguins exists here – and there’s never been a better time to visit because a record 5,219 penguins crossed the Penguin Parade beach within the 50 minutes in May 2022. This is a Trafalgar experience you really can’t miss.

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Tasmanian Wine Tasting

Australia and New Zealand experiences

Thirsty? Jump over to Josef Chromy in Tasmania (240km south of the mainland Australia) to feel your tastebuds tingle. You’ll enjoy a lesson in Tasmanian wine history and sip award-winning Pinot Gris, Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay – with yummy meat and cheese platters as your main course. Grab the chance to immerse yourself in bright English gardens, immaculate vineyards and take a picture of glowing lakes. Yes please.

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Cairns private wildlife boat cruise

Australian crocodile

Touch down between Cairns and Port Douglas in Far North Queensland to get within touching distance of the world’s best wildlife. With a Local Specialist giving you the inside scoop on their history and habits, you’ll then glide past gigantic crocs that raise their heads from the murky waters or wallow on the bank. But that’s not all. You can choose to help a Rainforest Restoration project which protects the Notophyll Vine Forest (a natural wonder older than the Amazon) by plant trees. Talk about immersion!

Visit National Kiwi Hatchery Aotearoa in Rotorua

Discover the bird that gave New Zealanders the name ‘kiwis’ in cultural capital Rotorua. Here you’ll tour the National Hatchery Aotearoa (on a Trafalgar ‘Make Travel Matter experience) – with a Local Specialist shedding light on these peculiar flightless birds and national emblem. Discover conservation work in progress and learn about the hatching process. Plus how kiwi eggs being incubated.

Sydney Opera House behind the scenes tour

Beat the crowds and adventure into the heart of Sydney Opera house on a behind the scenes tour. Walk up the iconic steps. Marvel at the iconic ‘sails’ of $102 million building – a masterpiece of 20th century architecture – absorbing history as you go. Take in the Drama Theatre, Playhouse, and spectacular Concert Hall and pause on the lower concourse to people watch and enjoy the culture of Sydney. This must rank high up on all Australia and New Zealand experiences lists.

Which Australia and New Zealand experiences caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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