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Gorgeous Italian cities to inspire your next winter break

Recently updated on July 18th, 2023 at 03:30 pm

No matter what time of year you visit, Italy is always a magical holiday destination. However, from north to south, the entire country takes on a distinctive charm of its own during the winter months. From snow-capped mountains to hints of the warm Mediterranean sun, an Italian winter is bound to impress….. Plus, if you needed an excuse to revel in all the ragu, this is it!

Whether you’re planning a winter getaway or are after inspiration for a spontaneous Christmas trip, these are the best Italian cities to experience the perfect winter break in Italy.


If you’re in search of some winter sun and a moderate temperature, Sicily is definitely worth travelling to for your winter break in Italy! While it may not be beach weather (the average temperature for December is 14℃), the weather in Sicily during the winter is still fairly warm and always sunny. 

For most tourists, Sicily is completely off the radar over the winter months. Which means the island is very quiet. So, you can enjoy museums without the crowds, and meander the streets with ease. 

Must-do winter experience:

Throughout December and into early January, you can expect an abundance of Christmas markets and performances. Be sure to visit Termini Imerese, a short 30-minute train ride from Palermo, to watch the Christmas nativity play that’s held on the streets and shop at the local starry-filled Christmas markets.

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Of course, no list of the best Italian cities would be complete without mentioning the beautiful capital; Rome. While the city is quieter during the winter months, it is certainly no less beautiful! Plus, with fewer crowds, normally high-volume sights such as the Vatican and the Colosseum are able to be explored at a much more relaxed pace.

Must-do winter experience:

While other small towns throughout Italy tend to reduce their opening hours over the winter, in Rome, almost everything remains open – which is very handy during the post-holiday sales season! 

However, if you’re in search of some more festive activities during your winter break in Italy, St. Peter’s Square is home to some spectacular nativity scenes throughout the month of December.

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Lake Como

For a romantic winter break in Italy, one needs to look no further than the gorgeous Lake Como. The lake (which never freezes) is framed by the snow-capped Alps in the background, and there’s no denying that Lake Como oozes winter romance. 

Quaint and quiet, winter tends to be the perfect time to experience Lake Como like a local.

Must-do winter experience:

If you’re an avid skier, you’re spoilt for choice here – there are numerous ski towns all within driving distance. For those perhaps more intrigued by the aprés ski activities, Lake Como  is home to many magical Christmas markets, like the La Città dei Balocchi.

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The Amalfi Coast

For those in search of the best Italian cities with a temperate climate and seaside experience, the Amalfi Coast is your answer. The perfect destination for a winter break in Italy, you can enjoy everything that the Amalfi Coast has to offer, without the crowds.

December offers visitors the perfect opportunity to embark on explorations of the local villages and towns which come to life during the festive season.

Must-do winter experience:

In Piazza del Duomo in Amalfi, visitors will find the Pansa Pasticceria; a quaint little pastry shop that has been preparing delicious sweets for more than two centuries! While here, make sure to try their local desserts which are only available over the holiday season. 

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From gondola rides to beautiful baroque architecture, Venice has something for everyone. Undeniably magical at all times of the year, there’s something extra special about visiting this city during the winter; the sites and attractions are less crowded and the air is crisp and clean.

Must-do winter experience:

There’s little that compares to the magic of experiencing a gondola ride throughout the canals of Venice. However, add a sprinkle of snow and a light fog, and a gondola ride in the winter might just become the most atmospheric thing you’ll ever experience!

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Have you ever experienced Italy in winter before? Or, are you planning to in the near future? Let us know in the comments below! For more inspiration on the best Italian cities to visit on a winter break in Italy, head to our website where you can read all about the magical places you’ll explore when you travel with Trafalgar.

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