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Why taking a trip aged 60+ is the best time to travel

‘Baby boomers’ might think the best time for travel is behind them. But that’s a million miles away from the truth. So read on to discover why now, more than ever, is the perfect time to pack your suitcase.

Why is 60+ is the best time for travel?

It’s easier to be present

How often does society pressurise us to be hyper productive? Especially in our younger years, we might feel constant nagging to ‘do more’. Questions from family and friends. The race for that next promotion. The clock ticking on our quest for love and/or children. As a result, it’s easy to feel rushed and restless when traveling. Quick question: have you ever crammed in a weekend break that’s left you more exhausted than when you left? For many of us, our mind may wander to thoughts of emails stacking up in our inbox or whether the new house-sitter has fed the cat.

In contrast, travel over 60 – and especially for those in retirement – comes with a calmer context. We may spare little or no thought to work on Monday morning. And therefore our heart rates are a little lower. We have time to immerse ourselves in places and cultures, instead of speeding through several destinations in short time – with a camera roll as evidence but no real feeling attached to the images. Yes, this is travel how it’s meant to be. Carefree, unhurried, joyful. Time to be present at last.

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You know your interests

Much of life involves trial and error. Jobs, partners and passions. We’re often searching for the perfect fit. Therefore those with more life experience are more likely to know what their true interests are. They can charge headfirst into their tried-and-tested passions – able to explore them to the full. So whether that’s admiring architecture in Prague, walking the Scottish highlands or tasting world-class wine in the Tuscan hills – no moment will be wasted with your interests in mind.

Of course, the beauty of travel involves finding unexpected passions along the way. But this way – you can find something for you. And with (in all likelihood) more disposable income than in your younger years, you can leave no stone unturned.

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Life really is precious

It’s an age-old saying… but life really is precious. The pandemic reminded us of our mortality and to never take our health for granted. So in this post-pandemic world, we feel a rush to seize the day and scream ‘Yes!’ to adventure. Revenge travel is rife and people are dusting off their bucket lists and booking flights to far-flung places. No matter if Machu Picchu is on your list, seeing ‘The Big 5’ up close on safari or gorging on tapas in Spain – the best time for travel is now. Not tomorrow.

Remember: age is just a number.

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Do you agree that 60+ is the best time for travel? Comment below your answer and why!

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