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Why I'm proud to be a Trafalgar Wellbeing Director

Recently updated on August 14th, 2023 at 09:58 am

Setting a new standard for travel, Trafalgar is delighted to introduce one of our dedicated Wellbeing Directors, Stephen McNally. In this industry-first role, he’s been trained not just to keep guests safe while they explore, but happy too. As well as diligently adhering to Trafalgar’s strict hygiene standards – on the coach, in hotels and at points of interest – our Wellbeing Directors are there to provide human reassurance and handle worries, so you can focus on enjoying tours to the fullest. 

Ahead of his upcoming Welcome to Colorado tour, Stephen chatted to us about the ins and outs of his new role, his specialist training and why he’s proud to be part of the Trafalgar mission to help guests travel the world safer, smarter and more sustainably.

Portrait shot of Trafalgar's wellness director, Stephen McNally

What was your last Trafalgar tour?

The Scenic Parks Explorer, a 15-day trip through the western US National Parks in October 2019.

What have you missed the most from not being on the road for the last year?

So much. I’ve missed the excitement of starting a trip with new guests, the anticipation for what’s in store, the camaraderie. I’ve missed the excitement of seeing wildlife, seeing the seasons change and seeing the expressions of wonder as we witness Mother Nature at her finest. I’ve missed showing off a part of the world that I love and call home.

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What are you most looking forward to about your upcoming Welcome to Colorado tour?

Colorado has been my home since 1972, when I went to school here as a teenager. This itinerary brings together so many of the state’s highlights in 10 days. Any day one can get up into the mountains is a good day, and visiting historic mining towns is the icing on the cake. There’s something for everyone, from exciting urban settings such as Denver and Colorado Springs, to rural parts with panoramic mountains and streams, hot springs and sand dunes. 

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Colorado's lake at sunset with snow-capped mountains and fir tress in the distance

Why did you become a Wellbeing Director for Trafalgar?

We wanted to be at the forefront of the world reopening and embracing the love of travel, so Trafalgar painstakingly put in place protocol to showcase the wonders of the world safely. I wanted to make guests feel comfortable to travel, and more specifically to travel with Trafalgar, knowing that their wellbeing is our top priority.

Are you excited to take on this new role?

Of course. Being involved in this transition to this (hopefully temporary) ‘new normal’, it’s something I take very seriously and am excited to be a part of.

How have you prepared for this role – what specialist training have you undertaken?

Being a news junkie, I’ve got a good handle on how different parts of the world are faring with COVID-19, what’s been done right and not so right. I’ve done everything in my power to stay safe, including wearing a mask and being vaccinated. I recently renewed my Red Cross training in First Aid, CPR and AED [automated external defibrillator], and have learned how to administer different COVID-19 tests in the event that a guest shows signs of infection, and what steps to take if a test comes back positive.

Hand sanitiser being poured into palms

How do you think the role of Wellbeing Director will offer assurance to guests while on tour?

Being accompanied by a dedicated Wellbeing Director – as well as a Travel Director – throughout the journey, guests can feel comfortable knowing that the latest protocols are being adhered to 24/7. 

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What will be your main responsibilities as a Wellbeing Director on the Welcome to Colorado tour?

I’ll be working with the Travel Director and the coach driver, following CDC guidelines to ensure the best disinfecting practices on the coach, in the hotels and the places visited throughout the trip. For guests’ comfort and safety, I’ll make sure the Trafalgar protocol is clear and easy to follow.

Stephen McNally in a US park, surrounded by people picnicking and palm trees

Are you proud to work for a company like Trafalgar, which has created this industry-first role to keep its guests’ health and wellbeing as paramount?

Putting together this industry-first role is not only innovative, but speaks volumes about how the company puts the guest experience at the forefront of everything we do. I’m extremely proud to work with Trafalgar, with its ever-evolving vision for better and smarter travel. By directing attention to reducing our carbon footprint and appreciating the impact of human actions to the world around us, Trafalgar has and continues to be the industry leader in guided travel.

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Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for the opportunity to have the first bragging rights of a committed Wellbeing Director position within the ranks at Trafalgar. I can’t wait to welcome guests on the Welcome to Colorado tour and look forward to creating memories of a lifetime.

Discover all the policies and changes Trafalgar have made to help you travel plan, book and travel safely and stress free.

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