The all important travel questions you want answered right now

The world of travel is a confusing one right now, so it’s completely understandable that before booking your next trip, you want to know exactly where you stand. We want to help you with this, by providing the most relevant and recent information to help you feel informed and confident.

We’re being asked a huge variety of travel related questions all the time, so every month we’ll be sharing the most frequently asked questions right here on The Real Word. If your question isn’t answered below, you can also visit our Know Before You Go page for more information.

A Trafalgar Wellbeing Director* cleaning a coach
A Trafalgar Wellbeing Director* cleaning a coach

If I book my trip and then certain sites or experiences are suddenly required to close, how will you ensure my experience is not impacted?

Because you have chosen to travel with a guided touring company (and the world’s most loved one at that), managing these kinds of scenarios is what our team do best. We can assure you that we will adjust your itinerary while still making sure that you have an unforgettable travel experience, that still provides the incredible value you know us for. You will be updated of these changes (if required) as soon as possible, and your Travel Director will also keep you well informed while on tour.

If I book my trip but then need to change my booking, will my money be safe?

Absolutely. Thanks to our risk free and flexible booking conditions, you are free to change your travel plans up to 30 days before your trip is due to depart. You can choose new dates and / or a new destination without penalty on the land portion of your trip. Trafalgar is also a proud member of The Travel Corporation, who remain a stable and solvent company despite the difficult circumstances caused by the pandemic. You can read TTC Chief Executive Brett’s Tollman’s letter of reassurance to all guests here.

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Will I need to have had the vaccine to be allowed to travel with Trafalgar?

Our vaccine policy is currently in review. Just as we have been endorsed by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) for our wellbeing protocols, we will continue to work with authorities and government bodies to ensure we always keep our guests wellbeing as our top priority, and align to the very best standards in travel and tourism as they relate to the vaccine. It’s a new world for all of us, so please rest assured that we are doing our due diligence with our global offices and all the places we operate in. We will continue to share new protocols and updates as they arise.

How much time will be taken out of my holiday for required Covid testing?

Currently, we are working on arranging for testing to take place at the required time, and with minimal inconvenience. We will be facilitating testing as quickly as possible and you will be given full information on when and where testing will take place by your Travel Director once on tour. It is also important to note that any testing will be at the expense of the guest.

Will I still have a good time despite these new protocols being in place?

Of course. The protocols we have put in place are there to protect you, but we can assure you that you will still have the same incredible Trafalgar travel experience as before. Every single itinerary we run is perfectly planned to ensure that you can travel with total ease, combining the perfect blend of must see sites and authentic local experiences. Every aspect of your tour will have been vetted and approved by our local teams, and both your Wellbeing Director* and Travel Director will be on hand with their personalised approach to ensure that you are well looked after.

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Will my trip be cancelled if someone on my tour group gets sick?

If someone gets sick while travelling, we are not expecting the tour to be cancelled, however it will depend on the specific situation as we will need to follow the advice of local government and health authorities. Your dedicated Wellbeing Director* will be on hand to facilitate any required distancing or testing and ultimately, we will take care of you and be with you every step of the way until you are on your flight home.

How many other guests will be on my trip?

The number of guests will always adhere to the local guidelines of the places we travel, and we will continue to adapt to regulation changes from health authorities and local governments.

Do you have a travel question you would like answered by our team? Pop it in the comments below, or reach out to our team on social media by sending us a direct message either on Facebook or Instagram.

*Trafalgar will include a Wellbeing Director on trips with 20 or more travelling guests to all operating regions excluding Africa, Asia, Australia & New Zealand. Custom groups will have the option to include a Wellbeing Director for a surcharge. In addition to the Travel Director and Driver Team, the Wellbeing Director will be responsible for keeping up to date on the latest health authority and local government guidelines. They will also ensure adherence to wellbeing protocols on trip and will be a dedicated support to help guide our guests. 

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