Explore the world worry-free with Trafalgar in 2021

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If you’re dreaming of travelling worry-free, set your sights on 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic may have changed the way we travel, but even in these uncertain times, we give you the assurance that you can explore the world with confidence.

We understand your travel concerns and have taken steps to give you peace of mind, from enhanced wellbeing protocols to new risk-free booking policies. From planning to booking to enjoying your trip, we’re with you every step of the way. Read on to find out how you can enjoy the same remarkable Trafalgar experience, worry free.

worry free travel

Worry-free Planning

The biggest question right now is this: Is it okay to travel? 

When planning a 2021 Trafalgar trip, travellers want peace of mind that their wellbeing will be a priority, while enjoying all the highlights of their destination. 

When you travel with Trafalgar, all those details are taken care of. From the moment you book your trip, we take care of it all, from planning the perfect itineraries to vetting and approving all aspects of your trip by local teams. We’re always ready to optimise and pivot your itinerary to ensure you enjoy the same rich Trafalgar experience.

woman sitting on a beach in Hawaii

We have over 300 trips scheduled to choose from December 2020 and 2021 and we’re here every step of the way to guide you on what and where would work best for you. 

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Worry-free Booking

Trafalgar guests enjoy dinner travel worry free

Once you’ve chosen your dream trip, you can book it with a fully refundable $99 deposit. If you need to cancel within 30 days of booking, you will receive a full refund. 

To give you even greater peace of mind, you can also change your plans for any reason until 30 days before your trip starts. You can choose new dates and/or a new destination without penalty on the land portion of your trip (check with your airline for their change policies and penalties). 

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In these uncertain times, we understand the importance of financial transparency. As Trafalgar is a proud member of The Travel Corporation (TTC), the financial strength and integrity of TTC gives you the comfort to know that your money is safe with us. We have shared insight into our balance sheet, and you can also read Brett Tollman, Chief Executive’s letter of reassurance here

Worry-free Travelling

travellers taking a group photo at the snow

So you’ve planned and booked your Trafalgar trip. Now it’s time to get out there and travel worry-free! Here’s how we’ll do our best to ensure you have the care-free trip of your dreams, with our 3-step wellbeing protocols, endorsed by the World Tourism & Travel Council (WTTC).

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Step 1: Always-on Support

As part of your dedicated support team, you’ll have a knowledgeable Travel Director and Driver on every trip. Both have been expertly trained in enhanced hygiene and distancing standards. Your Travel Director will monitor compliance and guest wellbeing, while your Driver will ensure your luxury coach is disinfected multiple times a day throughout your trip, all while getting you from A to B with comfort and ease. 

Lasse Trafalgar Travel Director travel worry free

On top of this, you’ll have access to an industry-first Wellbeing Director on all our trips of 20 or more guests (excluding Australia and New Zealand). Their job is to support the Travel Director and Driver by staying up to date with the latest health guidelines. They will always be available to address any travel concerns and ensure adherence to the wellbeing protocols.

You’ll also have 24/7 on-call support behind the scenes, with our global operations and guest support teams. They’ll be working hard throughout your trip to offer travel advice and manage any changes to your trip. 

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Step 2: Distancing & Hygiene Protocols

We have introduced enhanced distancing and hygiene protocols on all our trips. This includes frequently sanitising surfaces inside your coach, including our on-board air filers, and ensuring hand sanitiser is freely available inside the coach. We also provide face masks and gloves if needed (guests should bring their own face masks). All trips operate with a number of empty seats to allow for physical distancing.

We also perform quality assurance checks with all hotels, venues and suppliers on each trip. This is to ensure that all our travel partners meet local regulations established by TTC, WTTC and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

We also require all team members and guests to complete a personal wellbeing declaration before joining their trip. If a guest has tested positive for COVID-19, or is travelling with someone who has, they will not join the trip until cleared ‘fit for travel’ by a medical professional. 

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Trafalgar customised coach Sydney Harbour Bridge

Step 3: 24/7 Incident Report

Our team is always up to date and ready to adapt to changing regulations from health authorities and local governments. We do it all efficiently behind the scenes, so you can travel worry-free. 

We’re also ready to jump into action should an incident arise while you’re already on your trip. Should anything happen, we have protocols in place to assist and direct distancing, local medic support and testing. We will liaise with local authorities and support you every step of the way. 

Are you ready to travel worry-free in 2021? Do you have any travel concerns or need travel advice? Let us know in the comments below!

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