11 ways travelling with your best friend strengthens your bond

Can travelling with your best friend improve your relationship and make you grow closer together? You bet it can.

Recently, we’ve all had to learn the hard way just how precious time with our friends really is, and while Zoom calls and socially distant meet ups are great for now, nothing can beat spending quality time with your bestie. So, how about for next year’s big trip you ask your BFF along? From making new memories to learning more about each other, here are 11 ways travelling with your best friend makes your relationship stronger.

1. You’ll enjoy quality time together

Travelling with your best friend means you are able to spend quality time together. As we all know, life can get in the way of seeing our friends. Whether it’s having kids, working overtime or moving house, we just can’t seem to get a break. That’s why it’s so important to take any opportunity you can to go travelling with a friend, because you never know when you’ll next be able to enjoy that much time together.

2. You’ll have shared memories you can treasure forever

Private jokes, knowing looks and shared secrets – that’s what best friends are for. Travelling together means you’ll be able to make precious memories that no one else will have experienced. Whether it’s laughing till you cry after a few too many Sangrias, or feeling nineteen again when an Italian waiter gives you both a cheeky wink, those are the moments that you’ll share forever.

two friends Salamanca Markets

3. You’ll learn more about each other

When you travel with your best friend you’ll learn their likes and dislikes, what makes them tick and what they are scared of. You’ll see them from a different perspective and discover things you may never have known about them, like the fact they’re fluent in German, or have always wanted to try horseback riding.

4. The trip will be more enjoyable

Ultimately, travelling with your best friend means the trip will be more enjoyable. You’ll have someone to chat to on coach rides, you’ll feel safer together, you’ll never feel lonely and accommodation can be more affordable when shared.

5. You’ll conquer fears together

Often when travelling, we’re confronted with new and challenging situations. But when you’re with your friend, you’ll have the confidence to overcome whatever’s thrown at you. As well as making you feel invincible they’ll always see things differently, helping you solve difficult situations in ways you wouldn’t have thought of.

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6. You’ll put your friendship to the test

During those more challenging times your friendship will be put to the test. This is healthy for any relationship. By putting your friendship to the test you’ll quickly learn how much you mean to that person. Best friends don’t flake. So, if that person can’t stick by you when the going gets tough, you’re better off without them.

7. You’ll be more open and honest with each other

Honesty is always the best policy. By being open and honest with your best friend – even when it’s uncomfortable – you’ll be less likely to argue, have a better understanding of how they are feeling and learn what each other wants from the trip. They also won’t be afraid to tell you when you’re acting unreasonably or being difficult, helping you grow as a person.

two friends eiffel tower

8. Packing will be a whole lot more fun!

Not sure whether to pack that extra pair of sandals or if you need 12 bottles of sunscreen? No worries, just ask your best friend. Travelling with your best friend means you have someone to reach out to for packing advice. What’s more, you can travel a lot lighter. You can share travel adapters, hair dryers, sun cream and more, freeing up extra space for those all important souvenirs.

9. You’ll both feel more relaxed

Both of you will be able to escape the stresses of day to day life, which will help you feel more relaxed. Studies have shown that taking a trip helps manage stress and negative emotions as we are removed from the source of stress. In fact, when we escape to somewhere near water we become healthier, more creative and even more compassionate towards one another.

10. You’ll both feel a whole lot healthier

A study conducted by the University of Massachusetts found that women who did not travel for at least six years were eight times more likely to have a heart attack than those that did. Holidays help us feel less stressed but also provide opportunities for physical activity. You and your friend are more likely to go walking (easily 10,0000 steps a day), swimming, even hiking, compared to when you’re at home. You’ll both come back feeling energised and rejuvenated.

11. You’ll realise just how much you care about each other

After all the highs and lows of travelling with your best friend – from lost passports to sunset dinners – you’ll know for a fact just how much you care about each other. And as we’ve learnt (the hard way) this year, time with our friends is precious. So, why not make next year’s trip even more special and invite your best friend along?

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Have you taken a trip, or are you planning on travelling with your best friend in the future? Let us know in the comments…

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