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"Tokyo is like nowhere else on earth, and I love revealing the city's incredible diversity to our guests. Whether you want to explore ancient temples or check out the shopping mecca of Shibuya, there's something for everyone in Tokyo."

Travel Director
Tokyo at a glance
From centuries-old temples and steaming noodle houses, to dazzling skyscrapers and robot restaurants, Tokyo is an ancient blend of ancient culture and fast-paced futurism. Join your expert Trafalgar Travel Director and go from the world's busiest street crossing to the tranquil Buddhist shrines and Zen-style gardens, all in one captivating city.
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What to pack for Tokyo

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Japanese phrasebook

You’ll find it easier to connect with the locals after learning a few Japanese phrases, and you can start with simple words like konnichiwa (hello) and arigatō (thank you).

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Digital maps

Tokyo is an absolute maze of bustling streets and secret alleyways, so download some maps to your phone so you can access them any time you’re exploring the city.

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Comfortable slip-ons

In Japan, you must take off your shoes when entering homes, temples, ryokans and traditional restaurants, so bring a pair of sandals you can easily slip in and out of.

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Reusable bags

From Nakamise and Ameyoko, to the mega-malls and upmarket boutiques, Tokyo is a shopper’s delight, so bring some reusable bags to carry all your souvenirs.

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Japanese yen

The national currency of Japan is the Japanese yen, so come prepared for your Tokyo trip with some cash on hand.

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