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"You'll feel the magic of Cambodia wherever you go, from the temples of Angkor to the floating villages of Tonle Sap Lake."

Travel Director
Cambodia at a glance
Gleaming rice fields, white beaches, mysterious monuments, gold dusted temples, saffron-robed monks and shy smiles, Cambodia is one of a kind. Join your expert Trafalgar Travel Director as you explore fragrant markets and towns dripping in the history of ancient empires.
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What to pack for Cambodia

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Comfortable sandals or shoes

Whether you’re on a Cambodia escorted tour or passing through on your own, there is no doubt you will find yourself walking for hours each day, so comfortable walking shoes are a must have for your packing list.

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Conservative clothing

If you’re not on a Cambodia tour, you may not be advised that the local Cambodians dress conservatively. In order to respect their culture, avoid revealing or extravagant items of clothing and dress modestly.

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Phnom Penh is exactly what you’d expect of a capital city in Asia, alive with energy and noise at all hours. Earplugs are an essential in your Cambodia vacation pack to make sure you get a good night’s rest.

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Lightweight clothing

Cambodia doesn’t get cold, with year-round temperatures ranging from warm to hot. Pack lightweight and absorbent clothing like linen or very fine cotton. It’s ideal for days of adventuring in this part of the world.

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Cambodia boasts a warm and tropical climate, but a distinct wet and dry season set the calendar thanks to its proximity to the equator. Bring a raincoat if your trip coincides with the annual down pour.

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