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7 warm destinations to chase February sunshine

Christmas and New Year celebrations have long gone. You’re back at work. And the freezing, dark weather seems relentless at this point. It’s no wonder almost everyone in the Northern Hemisphere catches the winter blues in February. The antidote? Some glorious sunshine! If you’re ready to catch flights instead of colds and get a much-needed dose of Vitamin D, set your sights on these sunny destinations. From Kenya and Brazil to Thailand and Australia, here are seven warm destinations where you can follow the sun in February. 

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Average daytime temperature: 31°C

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is one of the most iconic warm destinations in February. Why? The sun is shining, it’s perfect beach weather… and it’s Carnival season! The world-renowned Rio Carnival is one of the greatest adventures on earth, where the music, samba dancing, vibrant costumes and parades are pulsing at every turn. Whether you want to marvel at the festivities, learn the samba, or kick back with a caipirinha on the legendary Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, Rio is spectacular in February. 

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2. Phuket, Thailand

Average daytime temperature: 32°C

Pristine islands, white sandy beaches, and coral reefs… Is there anywhere you’d rather thaw out in February than Phuket? Thailand is a year-round destination but it’s at its best in February, the end of the dry season with little rainfall, blazing sunshine, and fewer tourists than in December and January. You can go beach-hopping and snorkelling, indulge in the delicious food, explore night markets, or sail to the nearby islands with towering karsts and excellent diving. Even if you did nothing at all, Phuket still shines.

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3. South Africa

Average daytime temperature: 29°C

If you’re wondering where to travel in February for warm destinations, put South Africa on your list. The country is gorgeous during its hottest month of February. It’s all about sunshine and very little rain, plus endless outdoor adventures. Head to Cape Town for stunning beaches, mountain hiking, lush Winelands, and wildlife spotting (penguins and sharks!). Or venture out to national parks like Kruger National Park to go on safari and spot lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, leopards, and more thrilling animals. 

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4. Australia

Average daytime temperature – 26 – 33°C

February has got to be one of the best months to visit Australia. It’s the beautiful summer season with hot temperatures all over the country. Head to north Queensland to go snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef or hop over to Western Australia for excellent surfing and the most stunning beaches you’ve ever seen. Chill out in Sydney at Bondi Beach and Manly, go wine tasting in Adelaide, or head down to Melbourne for milder temperatures and very cool city vibes. Take on the scorching heat in the Outback to see Uluru up close, or journey far south to Tasmania to spot amazing wildlife and scenery. You’re almost guaranteed to have a good time, wherever you go in Australia.

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5. Costa Rica

Average daytime temperature: 30°C

Any country in Central America is a great place to chase the sunshine in February. Costa Rica is one of our favourite warm destinations, thanks to its spectacular beaches, rainforests, and volcanoes. There are epic adventures at every turn, from snorkelling and surfing at the beach to hiking and ziplining down volcanoes. You can even go river rafting or walking among the treetops to spot wildlife like sloths, caiman, and toucans in beautiful spots like Tortuguero, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio, and Arenal national parks. We also love connecting with locals here and you can visit ranches and farms to taste traditional Costa Rican cuisine and the world’s best coffee beans. 

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6. Singapore

Average daytime temperature: 33°C

Singapore’s tropical climate means it gets hot and humid weather all year round. But February is a particularly special month because it’s the month of the Chinese New Year. Forget sinking into your winter blues – the festivities are just kicking off in Singapore in February! You’ll have endless fun seeing all the iconic sights like the Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Botanic Gardens, and the extraordinary Cloud Forest. See a mesmerising light show, enjoy a Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel, and indulge in the most delicious food at all the night markets. Chinatown will be especially vibrant with the New Year celebrations, so kick back and go along for the ride!

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7. Kenya

Average daytime temperature: 26°C

February is the hot dry season in Kenya and it’s the perfect place to get some vitamin D. There are endless bucket list adventures here, from going on safari in the iconic Maasai Mara to meeting endangered rhinos at the Ol Pejeta conservancy. Spot the Big Five then see the Samburu Special 5 in Samburu National Park. Marvel at the pink flamingos at Lake Nakuru and sample coffee and scones with locals in the central highlands. You’ll even spend the night in The Ark Lodge, one of Trafalgar’s most spectacular Stays With Stories, where you can spot wildlife from your lodge. February just got a whole light brighter.

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What are your favourite warm destinations in February? Let us know in the comments below…

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