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Take Africa's powerful natural world and the cultural contrasts of the Middle East, and you've got two regions like nowhere else on earth.

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The raw, wild beauty of Africa is unsurpassable, and the Middle East is so richly diverse it's indefinable. Take in the mysterious towering pyramids of Egypt to the gargantuan, mustard-coloured dunes of the Sahara. And discover the lost city of Petra, home to Arab settlers more than 2,000 years ago.

When you come with us, you’ll have the opportunity to experience Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall. Meet the owner of a riad in Morocco, who’ll join you for a traditional meal made with piquant spices. In Turkey, enjoy the company of our Local Specialists who’ll tell you about the unique spiritual order of the Whirling Dervishes.

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Egypt was the home of probably Africa’s most famous civilization, established in the almost unimaginable 10th millennium BC. 

The country is known above all for the architectural wonders of the Great Pyramids of Giza, where scale and precision still confounds modern archaeologists. But Egypt is filled with other ancient monuments such as the 74 meters long Great Sphinx, the oldest known monumental sculpture, and the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, built during the 27th century BC. 

The enormous Karnak temple ruins and the Valley of the Kings make up more of the essential visits. In Cairo – also famous for its Islamic architecture – you’ll be able to admire some of the Boy King’s treasures in the Egyptian museum.

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The land of Morocco is an evocative, intoxicating country, with cosmopolitan cities, ancient villages, impressive mountains and golden deserts. 

Explore the ornate palaces and scurrying markets of Morocco’s oldest city, Fez. It’s here you can visit a traditional riad and join the owner for a meal, while also learning about the history of the building. 

Casablanca is one of the country’s most modern cities, filled with fashionable boutiques, art galleries and restaurants. While in lively Marrakech, you’ll be enthralled by the street entertainers and vendors of Djemaa el Fna Square. We'll take you to a Moroccan pharmacy, where an expert will teach you how herbs and spices are used to make remedies.

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South Africa has had an undeniably troubled recent history – but it also gave us one of the twentieth century’s most important men. In Cape Town, you’ll visit Nelson Mandela’s home, as well as seeing the gate that symbolized his walk to freedom in 1990. We’ll take you to see a charity striving to eradicate racial inequality in the country and meet the young people who benefit from its work. South Africa is also home to an astonishing variety of wildlife and plant life. You’ll see the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, home to more than 3,000 types of plant. And the Cheetah Outreach center, where you’ll see these wonderful creatures close up. In Swaziland, you’ll visit the Swaziland National Museum to learn about the heritage of the Swazis, as well as a village where you’ll meet the people and learn about their culture first hand.

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