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You know you’re a Trafalgar past guest when…

Recently updated on August 13th, 2023 at 09:02 pm

There are some things you can only know if you’ve travelled with Trafalgar. From those surprise moments with your Travel Director to the secret perks of our VIT guests and our one-of-a-kind experiences, our past guests are well-clued into the Trafalgar ways. And with a community of over five million Trafalgar past guests, we knew there had to be some common threads between you all. So we turned to our Facebook page and asked our guests to finish this question: You know you’re a Trafalgar past guest when… Here’s what they had to say.

You know you’re a Trafalgar past guest when… You can’t stop coming back

They say once you travel with Trafalgar, you can’t stop… And it’s true! Our Trafalgar past guests return again and again to travel with us, and they often travel with the same past guests and Travel Directors because they loved it so much the first time! We love them right back with our Very Important Traveller (VIT) club. Everyone who travels with Trafalgar (or our Travel Corporation sister brands) becomes a VIT, with exclusive access to savings and deals. 

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Facebook comments from our Trafalgar guests

Jan Hall – Have done four Trafalgar Tours, have always had an amazing time, done all the optional tours and have been fortunate enough to have had the same TD twice.

Pamela Blackwell – You book your next tour, and the next!!!

Jenny Onvlee – When you can’t stop booking more Trafalgar trips.

Angela Rumore – When you have already booked 3 amazing trips this year…

Bronwen Fox – You book trip 9 and 10.

Monique Malette – Every trip with Trafalgar was absolutely amazing. Can hardly wait to book my next trip year for Trafalgar I have done I think five trips with them and every one of them was UNFORGETTABLE thank you Trafalgar.

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You know you’re a Trafalgar past guest when… You get all the perks

There are plenty of perks to being a Trafalgar past guest. As part of our VIT club, if you’ve travelled with Trafalgar one to four times, you get 5% savings when new trips are released or during Secret Sales. You’ll also get priority access to new trips and special recognition on our trips. If you’ve travelled over four times, you get all that plus 5% of all trips at any time. Sign us up! 

But there are more perks to being a Trafalgar past guest. You’ll join a like-minded community of over five million travellers and share your past and future travels on our social channels like Instagram. You can even join a private Facebook group of over 6,000 members and share travel tips, photos, stories, and ask travel questions whenever you like. Once you’re on your trip, you’ll get the exceptional personal service of your Travel Director, unique and exclusive activities like our Be My Guest experiences, and be part of responsible travel initiatives like our Make Travel Matter experiences. 

We’re also running the Travel Unlocked Awards. All you have to do is share your favourite Trafalgar moment for a chance to win a 12-day trip with flights to the Balkans! Good luck!

Facebook comments from our Trafalgar guests

Tracy Laubscher – You get a discount when booking another tour! Have done 9, 7 of which were with Kim Coulter. Trafalgar arranges that we share a room, even though we book in different countries (different continents and hemispheres too!). Next one booked for April.

Kendy Galeno Certeza – You had so much fun memories in “BE MY GUEST “ and yes the perks of Trafalgar Travel past guest, the 5% discount on next tour booking!

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You know you’re a Trafalgar past guest when… You’ve got friends all over the world

Our guests become like family and we hear so many stories of our guests forming long-lasting friendships on our Trafalgar tours. Whether you become pen pals or continue to meet to travel together, there’s nothing quite like a Trafalgar friendship. 

Facebook comments from our Trafalgar guests

Greg Holland – You continue to meet up with friends you met on your Trafalgar tour 10 years after.

Cheryl Nixon – When your news feed is covered with hello from friends around the world.

Debbie Berg – When you still 5+ years later recall the goosebumps during the commentary at the Lion Sculpture in Lucerne with Emile Trafalgar. No tour director, even river cruises included, has surpassed the time spent under Emile’s guidance. And many from the group still keep in touch!!!

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You know you’re a Trafalgar past guest when… You can’t stop telling everyone about it

So you had a fantastic Trafalgar trip and you can’t stop talking about… Believe me, we get it. We’ve been travelling for over 75 years, have over five million past guests, and over 300 trips across 72 countries and six continents. It’s safe to say we’re one of the world’s most loved travel companies, so why not tell everyone about it!

Facebook comments from our Trafalgar guests

Trudy Collier van Heerden – When you tell anyone and everyone that the only way to really see a country is with Trafalgar Travel. I have used other companies and they don’t begin to compare. It’s Trafalgar all the way! 

Sharon Wood – You still talk about the best trip of your life!!

Patsy Ash Nitz – You constantly tell people how much fun you had on your trip.

You know you’re a Trafalgar past guest when… You love the Trafalgar coaches

Our savvy guests know that Trafalgar’s luxury custom coaches are the best way to go. If you’ve travelled with us before, you already know you get ultra comfy plus seats with extra legroom, air-conditioning, complimentary WiFi, a washroom, and lots of storage space under the coach and above the seats. And you definitely are clued into our convenient drop-off locations and expert, friendly Drivers! 

Facebook comments from our Trafalgar guests

Jane Fitzpatrick – You know how the seating rotation on the bus works.

David Garrod – I check out every coach I see for the Trafalgar decal

Meg Knox – When you are on holiday and find yourself joining the queue to board one of their coaches……..but not actually booked on it at that time lol

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You know you’re a Trafalgar past guest when… You’re confident travelling solo

With such a diverse community, Trafalgar has a bunch of different ways to travel from trips for families and single parents to couples and honeymooners and solo travellers. We take very good care of our solo travellers, with special single room upgrades and reduced single supplements on many of our trips. Our Travel Directors and Drivers are also always there for extra support and guidance, and to give you insider tips and confidence to go exploring solo! 

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Facebook comments from our Trafalgar guests

Gail Willson – You are about to look at your next holiday with them. I’ve been on four with Trafalgar and as a solo traveler I have been looked after very well.

Kayley Whitehouse – You don’t do all of the optionals and go exploring on your own!

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You know you’re a Trafalgar past guest when… When you just know you’re going to have an amazing trip

From our worry-free bookings and exceptional 24/7 service, to our one-of-a-kind experiences and hidden gems, you can have peace of mind that you’re Trafalgar trip is going to be one you’ll cherish forever.

Facebook comments from our Trafalgar guests

Lesley Pound – When each trip is better than the one before and you know you will have a fab holiday

Carol McKee – Have already booked your next trip with Trafalgar and know it will be great.

Nancy Daubenberg Perkins – You want another tour.

Mary Lou Smelko Kane – You want to book again.

Linda Diane Crump Kenney – When you stop and read every tempting ad! Keep ’em coming!!

Sharon Teves – When you decide where to travel next by referring to the Trafalgar website. They are #simplythebest!

How do you pick out fellow Trafalgar past guests? Let us know in the comments below!

Are you a past guest? Don’t forget to enter the Trafalgar Unlocked Awards for your chance to win a 12-day trip with flights to the Balkans.

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