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At just over 60 square miles, Liechtenstein packs in charming villages, family castles, palatial residences, verdant countryside and hospitable Liechtensteiners, who make it a pleasure to explore.

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A tiny enclave of history and beauty

Liechtenstein's capital city, Vaduz, is a small enclave situated beneath an imposing hilltop next to the Rhine.

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Historic Vaduz

There are several prominent buildings in Vaduz. The City Hall, built in 1933, features a distinctive gabled roof and is home to a small theatre, often the venue for recitals and special events. Dominating the southern entry to the city is the official seat of Parliament, Government House, in which you will see the principality’s coat of arms fashioned as a mosaic. Discover the history of Vaduz in the Kunstmuseum, from the Bronze era through Roman occupation to the present day. And visit St Florin Cathedral, a neo-Gothic church dating back to the 19th century, where concerts are often held.

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Vaduz Castle

The palace of the Sovereign Prince of Liechtenstein sits atop a hilly perch and dominates the entire city. Its observation towers and immense defensive walls do not diminish its photogenic qualities, particularly when set against the majestic mountain range behind. It’s worth the trek to gain a peek at the castle and its grounds, as well as a panoramic view of the spectacular countryside and town below. 

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The Rhine

The Rhine River stretches nearly 800 miles from the Swiss Alps through Germany until it meets the North Sea via the Netherlands. Sit beside it and bask in the tranquility. Or walk along the Alte Rheinbrucke, a sheltered wooden bridge spanning 135 meters, which links Vaduz and neighboring Sevelen.

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