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"It is always my pleasure to introduce my country to our guests. Trafalgar trips in Turkey, the cradle of civilisations, offer not only deep history, wonderful museums, great cities, amazing architecture but breathtaking natural beauty as well"

Barcin, Travel Director
Turkey at a glance
Learn the secrets of the spice markets, visit stunning religious sites, wander lively Instanbul, then discover otherworldly landscapes of hot springs and hot air balloons. From belly dancers to baklava, our expert Trafalgar Travel Directors will take you on a remarkable voyage through Turkey.
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What to pack for Turkey

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A thirst for adventure

A Turkish Hammam scrub is a ritual you need to enjoy when visiting this country. Often teamed with communal bathing and occasionally requiring full nudity, pack your confidence to enjoy this tradition that is truly doing as the locals do.

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Modest clothing

Turkey is a religious and somewhat traditional country. Pack modest full-length clothing so you can respectfully enjoy momentous religious sights.

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A good camera

A smartphone won't suffice when trying to capture a peculiar desert framing a sky of hot air balloons. Pack a good camera so you can snap Turkey to its full beauty.

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Old swimwear

Dense in minerals, Turkey's Pamukkale's Cotton Castle Springs may aggravate your bathing suit should you take a dip. Pack something old and submerge until your heart is content.

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Spare suitcase space

Baklava, tea, carpets and jewellery are just some of the goods that will entice you when shopping in Turkey. Leave space for the many treats and trinkets you will want to take home.

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