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"It's always a nice moment when you see the guests enjoying a sangria by the olive groves of Andalucia"

Alexandre, Travel Director
Spain at a glance
A country of ripe vineyards, endless coastlines, rugged mountain ranges, historic villages, magical architecture and passionate traditions, Spain is a country that stays with you long after your visit. Join your expert Trafalgar Travel Director and discover the true spirit of Spain.
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What to pack for Spain

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Catalan, Basque or Galician phrase book

Depending on where you’re visiting, speak like the locals and swap Spanish for a few phrases of the mother tongue. You’ll make friends for life by showing such enthusiasm for the local dialect.

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Forgo ‘flip-flops’ or ‘thongs’ and do as the Spaniards do; don a pair of traditional espadrilles for walking around the cities and travelling the country’s coastline. Comfort and style combined.

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A jacket

Spain has a reputation for being dry and sunny, but cool and rainy days do come. Pack a jacket for and easy layers, particularly if visiting Spain in winter.

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A scarf or pashmina

A scarf or pashmina is a must for air-conditioned transport, cooler evenings and when visiting religious sites and cathedrals, which require bare shoulders to be covered.

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Sturdy walking boots

Spain may be renowned for its cities and beaches, but you may need sturdy walking shoes when visiting the idyllic mountain ranges.

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