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Green forests and orchards can be found all around Luxembourg, mingling with pretty little villages, lakes and more than 100 fairytale-like castles.

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Stunning scenery and awe-inspiring architecture

Despite its size, Luxembourg is packed with fascinating architecture and gorgeous scenery. You’ll have a chance to see the Grand Ducal Palace which was occupied by the Nazis in the Second World War and reinstated as a royal seat in 1945. As well as the spectacular ravine of the Rivers Alzette and Pétrusse, which bisect Luxembourg City in two in a rhapsody of green. You’ll get to see all of this and more, with Local Specialists who bring the sights and scenery to life with their own personal anecdotes and tales of life in the country.

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Luxembourg's Architecture

Notre-Dame Cathedral's three-pronged spires ensure that this splendid edifice can be picked out from most parts of the city. It’s a prime example of late Gothic architecture with Renaissance embellishments, and contains a crypt that is the last resting place of a long line of Luxembourg royalty. In the southern part of the city you’ll find the restored Neümunster Abbey, which dates back to the 11th century and has twice been destroyed. Now a cultural hub, regularly hosting art exhibitions and public performances, the complex sits serenely on the bend of the Alzette River.

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Walks and Leisure

Make your way to the intersection of the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers. It’s here you can admire the gorgeous vista of greenery surrounding the deep gorges that once were an important part of the city's defences. Walk through one thousand years of history as you follow a route that winds through the upper and lower towns. Here you can admire the city's unique forts and the imposing Bock promontory, which offered ancient Luxembourg a natural defence. By its side is the Pont du Château, a quirky two-tiered bridge that offers four ways of crossing between the cliffs.

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A district in the east of the Luxembourg City, Hamm is distinguished by its American Cemetery and Memorial, where more than 5,000 US soldiers are buried. The impeccably maintained cemetery contains a wealth of information on the campaigns that were fought, including the Battle of the Bulge in which Patton and Montgomery forged and uneasy alliance.

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