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Come and explore the mysteries of Scotland, with ancient castles dotted across the magical Highlands, and thrilling stories of Romans, Vikings and mystical creatures

Scotland at a glance
With breathtaking scenery, hearty cuisine and ancient history and culture, it's easy to fall in love with Scotland. Join your expert Trafalgar Travel Director and roam the wild Highlands, misty glens, medieval cities and majestic castles in this land of Vikings, Romans and royalty.
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What to pack for Scotland

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Walking shoes

Something comfortable and flat, with grip. There's a lot of exploring to do and the hills of Scotland are just as abundant in the cities as they are in the countryside.

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Something warm

Even in the height of summer the Scottish night air has a bite. To make the most of your Scotland adventure, bring along a quality coat or jacket.

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Woollen socks

A couple of pairs of woollen socks will serve you well in Scotland. They're warm and thick but surprisingly light to carry, perfect for protecting feet from long walks or the country’s beloved cold stone floors.

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Prepare to sample the finest whisky distilleries around with hydralytes. Enjoy a tipple or two or three and you will still be fresh for adventures the following morning.

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Extra room

When planning a trip to Scotland, plan to pack less. Leave some space to bring home some of their specialties like shortbread for friends and cashmere for yourself.

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