"What is there to not love about England. Real life castles, Princes and Princesses, stunning scenery, and historic streets lined with lively pubs everywhere you go!”

Aryan, Travel Director
England at a glance
Crumbling castles, historic villages, vibrant cities and vast landscapes - a dynamic experience awaits those who travel England. Our expert Trafalgar Travel Directors will show you every side, from a brush with royalty or a stroke of nostalgia at the home of the Beatles.
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What to pack for England

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With a high chance of experiencing four seasons in one day, an umbrella is a must when visiting England, both for rainy days and occasions when the sun beams down.

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A good book

With a seemingly infinite list of parks found in England, don't forgetto pack a novel and immerse yourself in a good book should the occasion arise.

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Digital maps

It's always good to have a backup of digital maps on standby when you're out exploring in your own time. Download them prior to your trip so you can reach them even when your phone is offline.

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A day bag

With days full of adventure and numerous souvenirs tempting your strolls, a day pack will ensure your hands always remain free. Split the weight across your back with a double strap bag for extra comfort.

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Travel adaptor

Though many hotels will have adaptors available for use, being prepared with your own will ensure you're always charged and ready to go.

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