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Still largely undiscovered by mainstream tourists, Latvia is a small but lively of unspoiled countryside, white sanded beaches and unpretentious charm.

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Natural beauty and the charm of the wild

Latvia’s rich landscape has an abundance of natural parks, nature reserves and wilds often reminiscent of Scandinavia. Gauja National Park, in the valley of the river of the same name, has been attracting tourists for centuries. It’s home to more than 500 cultural and historical monuments, including hill forts, churches and watermills.

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Ancient architecture

A UNESCO World Heritage site and the European Capital of Culture 2014, Latvia’s coastal capital city of Riga is both beautifully historic and energetically modern. The old town is a maze of narrow medieval streets, Gothic and Baroque churches and hidden courtyards, while the new town is an expanse of wide boulevards and Jugendstil Art Nouveau architecture. In Cathedral Square stands the exquisite red brick, green-roofed Riga Cathedral, which dates from 1211. Nearby are the Museum of Riga’s History and Navigation, featuring Bronze Age and medieval artefacts, as well as Riga Castle, built in 1515 and now home to the President. When you visit, you’ll also see the Three Brothers trio of medieval houses, one of which is thought to be the oldest in Latvia. Our Local Specialists will show you round, bringing the city to life with their first-hand knowledge and personal anecdotes, before taking you for a restaurant meal of local specialities.

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Charming countryside

Latvia is a paradise for anyone who loves nature. Its low population density means much of the country remains undeveloped. More than half the land is covered by forests, and the landscape is criss-crossed by more than 12,500 rivers, and dotted with fields, farmsteads and villages which have changed little over the decades. The country has a long tradition of conservation, and several species which are endangered elsewhere in Europe are common here, including the Eurasian beaver and the European wolf. The presence of species such as the corncrake, rare on the rest of the continent, makes it a prime destination for bird watching.

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Beautiful beaches

Latvia has hundreds of kilometers of undeveloped seashore, largely made up of soft, white sanded beaches. The coastal city of Liepaja has a colorful mixture of architectural styles including wooden houses, spacious parks and concrete, Soviet-era apartment buildings. The south western shore of the gulf is dotted with fishing villages, including Lapmezciems, which is home to fish market famous across the country.

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