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Best of Finland, Russia and The Baltic States

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  1. Belarus


  2. Estonia


  3. Finland


  4. Latvia


  5. Lithuania

    Siauliai Vilnius

  6. Russia

    Moscow Smolensk St Petersburg

"Taking our guests to Russia I often feel like we are entering a fairytale land, a most delicious blend of magic and mystery, architectural gems and vaste open space, enormous cultural wealth and precious moments of pure simple delight. Its simply marvellous"

Colette, Travel Director
Russia at a glance
Ancient cathedrals, ornate Russian architecture, masterful paintings and a night at the ballet, Russia is majestic and complex in equal measure. It's the largest country on earth but your expert Trafalgar Travel Director will take you to the heart of Russia.
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What to pack for Russia

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Warm clothes

With many Russian cities experiencing around 6-months of snowfall, the chance of encountering a chilly day is very high. Purchase the traditional fur hat known as ushanka as both a practicality and souvenir.

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With a reputation for out-of-order cash machines and signs that read ‘credit card not accepted’, arriving prepared with cash is a sensible idea. US Dollars and Euros can be easily exchanged when you travel to Russia.

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Small souvenirs from your home country

The etiquette of giving a small gift is much appreciated in Russia, particularly when someone has hosted you or offered particular assistance on your journey. Keep a few small souvenirs from your home country on hand in case the occasion calls.

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A sense of calm

Busy cities, fast cars and unpredictable weather may interfere with your adventure. Travel through Russia armed with a sense of calm and the moments of joy will always prevail.

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Loose fitting pants

With bilinis and pelmenis rarely served in other parts of the world, you may want to experience a sizable share when visiting Russia. Loose fitting pants will allow you to lose yourself in the tastes without losing any comfort.

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