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Iceland including the Blue Lagoon

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  1. Iceland

    Borgarnes Reykjavik Selfoss

"Iceland is like nowhere else on the planet - the waterfalls, views and landscapes are absolutely stunning - and that's without even mentioning the Northern Lights"

John, Travel Director
Iceland at a glance
With slow-moving glaciers, milky blue thermal pools, basalt volcanic cliffs, 20,000 waterfalls and the spellbinding Northern Lights, Iceland is an earthly paradise. Join your expert Trafalgar Travel Director to get under the surface of the original land of fire and ice.
Icelandic Króna
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Good morning
Góðan daginn
Good evening
Gott kvöld

What to pack for Iceland

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A raincoat

With rain falling an average of 213 days a year in Iceland, a raincoat is definetely an item you won't want to forget. A much needed extra layer for the subarctic climate, it will also provide protection from overzealous waterfalls.

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Having a dry layer of warmth close to your skin is something to have handy for Iceland whether summer or winter. It’s especially helpful to have close for those for those who love to spend time outdoors exploring the country’s extreme landscapes.

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Exposing your ears to the elements can send chills through your body - easily preventable with a warm pair of ear-muffs.

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Icelanders take bathing very seriously. With more pools per capita than any country in the world, you may wish to take a few pairs of swimming costumes to ensure you always have one dry.

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