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"Understated beauty is an accurate way to describe Netherlands. A land of vividly colorful countryside, picturesque villages, and cities bursting with canals and rich with striking architecture"

John, Travel Director
The Netherlands at a glance
Filled with tulips, cheeses and charming canals, the Netherlands is a country that you will instantly love. Join your expert Trafalgar Travel Director and peel back the layers of the country, from sprawling gardens and maritime history, to an inspiring melody of art, cuisine and archictecture.
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What to pack for the Netherlands

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Comfortable bike riding shoes

Bike tours in Amsterdam are an essential part of the Netherlands travel experience. Pack comfortable walking shoes so you can pedal until your heart is content, feeling like a local while soaking up the scenery of the city.

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Rainy days can happen at any time of the year in the Netherlands, with an average annual rainfall of 700 millimetres. Come prepared with a raincoat or a small travel umbrella.

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Jackets and cardigans

The Netherlands is a great place to travel in both winter and summer, with both seasons offering many perks. Consult a weather website before packing as even the summer months can require a jacket or cardigan.

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A camera and memory card

From tulip fields to charming windmills, the Netherlands is endlessly photogenic. Pack a good camera and a spare memory card to capture your experience at its very best.

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Empty bag space

With delicious local cheeses and oversized clogs tempting your souvenir list, spare bag space is a must when travelling in the Netherlands. Remember to check what rules apply when returning home with your chosen goods.

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